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Dr.Seria Huseynova
Dr.Seria Huseynova
  • Spinal Problem Specialist (Vertebrook)
  •  In 1990-1995, he received his degree in the Department of Therapeutic Prophylactics of the Azerbaijan State Medical University.
  •  In 1996-1997, he passed internship at the Medical University named after M.Naghiyev.
  •  In February 2016, he participated in a conference organized by Turkey Arthroplasty Society and specializes in the Medical Hospital on "Artological Problems".

Participated courses, trainings and seminars
  •  "Backbone Problems" course - Azerbaijan Traumatologists and Orthopedics Association Public Association (ATOA)
  •  The course "Preventive Treatment of Age-related Diseases, Therapeutic and Traumatological Aspects of the Traumatic Motion System" (ATOA)
  •  "Female health BRsM" course -organized by the International Society of Homotoxicology and Homoeopathy

Specialty areas
  • Treatments of the vascular system (spine and joint problems) in nonoperative way, German methodology.
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