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Dr. Vafa Ahmedova

Dr. Vafa Ahmedova

  • Physician-therapist


  • In 1979-1985 he studied at the Medical Faculty of the Azerbaijan State Medical University. He has been working as a physician for 32 years.


  • In 2016, he was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the "Intellectuals of the XXI Century - The Best Doctor" and titled "The Intelligent of the Twentieth Century - The Best Doctor" in the book "Creative and Intelligent People of the Twentieth Century".
  • In 2016 he was awarded the "Golden Fonedoscope" prize.
  • "Female health BRsM" course -organized by the International Society of Homotoxicology and Homoeopathy



Specialty areas

  • Internal diseases - gastritis, pancreatitis, liver transplantation, metabolic disorders, digestive tract disorders
  • Enurez (night urinary retention)
  • Worm diseases
  • Depression, neuroses
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