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Pathology known as necklaces (salt) is commonly referred to as Osteochondrosis.
Neck Osteochondrosis - Reduce distance between bones - Reduction of elasticity of bottles
-The bubbles cause the above causes to slip around the nerves and veins.
Dispercussions of discs are primarily due to deficiencies in the fibrous insertion, so that the pulpic nucleus changes its configuration and thus becomes slippery. The protrusion, in turn, provides various clinical symptoms by suppressing proximity nerves and veins. When protrudes are not treated in a timely manner, the fibrotic ridge's integrity continues to deteriorate, when the pulpic nucleus slides off or breaks out of the defect and forms the disk rupture. What are the symptoms of neck osteochondrosis?
Symptoms are usually seen from the age of 18 and the probability of giving symptoms increases as the age increases. After 50 years of age, serious symptoms occur.
The main signs:
- pain in the neck
- rash pain
do not disagree
- cerebrospinal fluid
- sensitivity and movement limitation.
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