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Useful information
Direct Approach to AUTIZMLI CHILDREN
Direct Approach to AUTIZMLI CHILDREN
Recommendations for parents to treat children with autism.
• Autism children can work on their field of development when they grow up. For example, a child who is interested in figures may be an inspector or tax inspector in the future;
• Try to follow the rules of the child;
• Autistic children usually enjoy watching TV, but they need to be restricted;
• It is best not to avoid contact with other children, it would be best if the child goes to the garden for 2-3 hours.
• Talk to a child as much as possible, and remember that an autistic child needs much communication in other children;
• Keep in mind the child's communication with pets, since autistic children can be aggressive to animals. Before keeping the pets at home, a child can be given a soft toy;
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