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Useful information
Treatment of scoliosis
The treatment of scoliosis is in the form of conservative and surgical correction or prevention. All measures should be taken early in the scoliosis to prevent surgical treatment and should be emphasized.

Conservatiov treatment
Observation: In patients under 20 degrees below and undergoing coughing development, it is only necessary to control observation, exercise and exercise at intervals. Surveillance continues until the patient has completed the bone system development. Patients with moderate to severe curvature should be checked at intervals of 6 to 12 months. Those with greater scoliosis curves should be evaluated every 3-4 months.

Corset treatment
The purpose of the corset is to try to prevent curvature. Corset is particularly useful for children with curvature above 25 degrees and in growth. The corset begins to decline effectively in children over the age of 40 degrees and for long years to complete the development of the skeletal system.

Sports Treatments
In the success of the sport, it is important for the patient to have a little responsibility in this pathology and to have a successive, scheduled exercise. Stand alone can not prevent the development of scoliosis. Success is achieved when applied equally with other methods.

It is a device that shows the patient's muscles status. which muscles are spastic, and the patient who is bleeding is trying to correct the signal in the device and try to pull the tone of the muscles in the right direction.

There are many types of physiotherapy. However, it is the most commonly used muscle cytosimulation: a new method of scoliosis. The muscle on the side of the muscle shortens and the muscle loses its strength, the muscle extends beyond the other, and becomes stronger. He pulls the vertebra to his side. In this method, a muscle weakening is applied to the strongest side, and the muscle strengthening program is applied to the weak side. At the end of the 15 sessions, certain changes in the muscles are seen and the patient's pain disappears.
Surgical treatment
If curvature is above 50 degrees and the child is still growing, in most cases scoliosis is likely to be surgically operated. Scoliosis at 50 degrees Celsius continues to increase even after the growth is over. For this reason, surgical intervention is applied to prevent future complications and cosmetic defects. In some early-onset and post-stroke scoliosis, surgical treatment is applied before the curve is 50 degrees Celsius.

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